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Into Blogging

September 23, 2009 5 comments

Yuppy, I too have entered the blogging world. Holy shit I didnt know one need to decide so many things while blogging.

First I needed to take up a decision on which blog host provider I needed to choose. I had many options. I tried out the following ones.

1. WordPress

2. Blogger

3. Blogetery


5. Yola ( Not an xclusive Blogging site)

Many suggested me to blog in wordpress. But I needed revenue from blog. But I knew wordpress have many tweaks in that perspective. I, being a free user, wasn’t given provisions like CSS editing, installation of extra plugins,etc.  If you have a blog, “no matter how popular,” the revenue from AdSense or some similar tools will probably never “pay you even minimum wage for the time you spend writing it.” Of course, that’s fine for bloggers more interested in fame or influence than in money or for blogs  that are loss leaders for more lucrative endeavours, such as writing books or making speeches. But if you have to earn a living from the Web, “free” can be a problem. As far as am concerned I haven’t started earning money from the ‘Web World’. So ‘being free’ isn’t going to be a problem. On second thoughts, wont it be quite good if I get some extra money through web. Man, I tell you am totally confused. So first I should decide whether I should blog for money, fame or influence. As am still in a dilemma, let me blog for the mere fact that ‘Am crazy’. So leaving the idea of ‘Money from blog’, I eventually settled on WP after  trying a number of different blogging tools. Still, am not able to stabilize on a WP free theme.

Friends, I need your frank comments on how and what should I blog. So please do make comments.

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