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Orkut to borrow some features from gmail, facebook and twitter

October 17, 2009 3 comments

Orkut is a social networking service owned by Google. Although Orkut is less popular in US and other western countries, it is one of the most visited site in India and Brazil. 49.83% of its users are from Brazil, followed by India which has 17.51% orkut users. In fact, over the past few months, Orkut has been seeing a dip in traffic both in India and in Brazil while at the same time, Facebook growing rather fast in both these traditional Orkut strongholds. The quote ‘ You begin the social networking with Orkut and switch to Facebook when you get matured’ , seems to be true.

Video and voice chat

Most of you might have used video chat of gmail. A similar tool will be soon introduced in Orkut. For using this cool feature you just need a webcam on your computer and a small plugin installed in your system. The plugin is the same as that of Google voice and video chat, which you can download from the below link.

Microblog by Status updates

Rumours have been spreading like anything that  ‘ Orkut will soon feature an option similar to Twitter-like updates and Facebook Status updates’ . It is believed that the Orkut team in Brazil is working on this feature and is hoped to change the old classic looks of Orkut. The following is the screenshot that have been rumuored to be spotted in Brazil.

Group Chat

It is another much hyped feature from Orkut.  Orkut also have announced that soon the chat feature will be available to non-google clients in orkut including yahoo, rediff, etc.

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Win a Custom theme for your WordPress blog worth $111 – BlogrPro Contest

October 13, 2009 Leave a comment

BlogrPro is conducting a unique contest, it’s unique in the terms of prize they are offering. Rather than giving a cash prize, they planned to launch a contest with a prize which is worthy for your WordPress blog.


1. The winner will get a custom theme for his/her WordPress blog. The prize worth is $111.
2. 2 runner’s up will be given a 250 x 50 pixel sized advertisement spot in for a period of 1 month.

Last Date : 25th October, 2009

For more details, visit the below link

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Sharing files and folders from Ubuntu PC with Windows Network Support

October 9, 2009 2 comments

Do you believe that sharing files and folders across your network from your Ubuntu PC is every bit as easy as sharing files in Windows? Well, I dont. It might be because I dont know the appropriate method of sharing files in Ubuntu.

Here is the scenario. All users in the LAN, except me, are using Windows OS. Often, my friends complain that they are not able to access files in my laptop. These frequent complaints prompted me to have a look at the issue. So here is at how I resolved the issue.

  1. I found out that we need Samba for Windows network support.
  2. Install samba package by typing the following command
    sudo apt-get install samba
  3. Now edit the smb.conf file by the following command
    sudo vim /etc/samba/smb.conf
  4. Add the following text to the end of ‘smb.conf’
    comment = Write something about the file here
    path =  /media/
    browseable = yes

    read only = yes

    guest ok = yes

    You will have to set the path to the file you desire to share.( eg. path= /media/disk)

  5. Change the security to share levelBy default the security will be set to user level, which will be usually commented :
    #security = user

    Remove the #( to make it as uncomment) and Modify it as :

    security = share
  6. Now the last step is to restart the network by typing the following comment
    sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart

The method told above worked fine in my system. If anyone knows a better way, please comment it here.

If you found the method a bit difficult, you can simply download the below file and paste it in /etc/samba. It is adviced that you keep a backup of the original copy of smb.conf.

Download here

My Conclusion

You can share Linux partitions like home, etc. by a mere right click. To share the Windows partitions, one need to add the following line to the global section of smb.conf

usershare owner only = false

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Fleur Free CSS Template

October 5, 2009 1 comment

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The name ‘Fleur’ was given to the template after the character ‘Fleur’ of ‘Bride of Doom’ by Denise Robins. Remembering the violet orchids of the story, I began to built the template as a violet one; but later Ithought it should be given a rather pink touch. Right now the colour is a mix of both. This was initially developed as a freebie from webmja

Fixed width, two column layout

Download the template @here

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